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Water level sensor:
  • High resolution sensors (<0.1mm) with vibrating needle for hydraulic models   
  • Capacitive absolute sensors (without the need of calibration) for towing tanks
  • Digital absolute sensors for measuring fast  sea wave movements
  • Ultrasonic sensors for waterways.

Speed sensor:

  • Micro-wave sensors for non contact water speed measurements
  •  ADCP velocity profiles for measurements in waterways


  • Acceleration sensors for monitoring motion of mobile model canal gates (Mose project for Venice, Italy)    
  • 3D optical profilometers for the waterbed bottom of hydraulic models
  • Linear linkage guide system (Peaucellier) and multi-parametric monitoring structures for  model basins

  • Water canal gate remote monitoring position sensors and related mechanical systems  interfacing on existing structures
  • High resolution (<1mm) water pressure and level sensors
  • Experimental systems for generating electricity from waves
  • Linear motion system for wave generator (towing tank)